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Second Antutu Benchmark Results for Samsung “Leaked”

14 March, 2013 Samsung


Today is Samsung Galaxy S 4's big day and the rumors just keep getting more creative. Photos of another AnTuTu benchmark result for the Galaxy S 4 has surfaced a few hours before the smartphone' launch. If anything, it only made things a lot more confusing, adding ambiguity with regards to the processor/s used on the S 4. Earlier Antutu benchmark photos showed that the S 4 will run purely on Exynos. This new benchmark shows that there are actually two chips on the S 4. Talk about creating a stir.

Also, from previous reports that it will have eight cores, the new AnTuTu benchmark shows that the S 4 will only have a quad-core ARMv7. Even the GPU for this one is different from what was previously reported. Thankfully, it'll just be a few hours left before all these surmising and assuming get confirmed or scrapped. Also, believe the benchmark at your own risk.

source:  omio


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