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Secretive issue is killing Samsung Galaxy S20 screens

14 July, 2021 Smartphones

Secretive issue is killing Samsung Galaxy S20 screens


How long can we reasonably hope to utilize our phones for? We figure that generally, you could pull off 3-4 years, possibly more on the off chance that you deal with it. However, a phone to kick the bucket after under two years? Clearly something isn't right, and that is the issue looked by a developing number of Samsung Galaxy S20 clients.


As per different reports going back in May, various Galaxy S20 proprietors have begun to see that their showcases are running into issues. It would begin with their screens showing filter lines which deteriorate over the long haul, until the presentation shows all white or green and is delivered unusable.



A post on the Samsung discussions shares how one client was advised by a Samsung rep to delicate reset their phone which clearly didn't help. Some have even had a go at booting the phone in experimental mode however that likewise didn't tackle the issue. At the present time, the lone method of addressing this issue is to have the screen supplanted.


And, after its all said and done, this has represented somewhat of an issue on the grounds that not every person is being covered by guarantee, which implies that any fixes or substitutions are covered out of their own pocket. It is muddled what could be causing this issue, yet ideally Samsung knows about it and is dealing with an answer, regardless of whether it be a product update or offering free substitutions or fixes.


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