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Sprint to Buy T-Mobile for $30 Billion

5 June, 2014 Technology

Sprint t-mobile


T-Mobile and Sprint are one of the Major U.S. Carriers in the Mobile world. The deal would allegedly value T-Mobile around $30 billion ($31.3 billion to be precise), though an exact agreement hasn't been reached as to a number.


T-Mobile carries a little under $15 billion in debt and over $5 billion in cash, meaning Sprint's new parent firm Softbank will take on even more debt in an attempt to fortify a position against American wireless heavyweights AT&T and Verizon.


The deal would have to pass through the FTC and FCC before approval, hurdles that are by no means small when you're talking about an industry comprised of only four major national players across the whole of the US. Reducing that number to three could have repercussions that may not favor consumers or competition generally.





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