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Symantec may have identified a botnet string of Android apps [List Inside]

29 January, 2012 Android


Botnet Android Apps invading devices

Despite a point of contention over the true nature of these applications, a string of 13 apps have been identified as potential threats on the Android Market. One of the largest security software makers in the business, Symantec say they have identified these applications and relate them to a botnet-like virus called Android.Tonclank.

The applications in question run a type of malware called Android.Counterclank. Botnets spread from a host command computer and take control of other device via means of spam messages or in this case, malicious applications.

Beware of these Apps

Un-install These Apps Immediately, If you already have them!

Symantec already say millions of users could be affected and they consider the damage level to be "medium" with regards to data and identification theft. So far a list of 13 applications have been identified on the Android Market as malicious, with the majority of them being mobile games of some form.


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