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Symbian phones come to an end

24 January, 2013 Nokia

January 24th marks the end of Symbian phones from Nokia, as Nokia declared it with a report in which it also unveiled its quarterly earnings. This means, Nokia Pureview 808 launched last year becomes the last phone in the series of Symbian phones. In this tenure, Nokia launched 2.2 million handsets all over the world.

The main reason behind the closure of this phone is the decline in the sales of the phone over the years. With the rise of Android and iOS devices in the market symbian phones has lost their sales significantly. China has been one of the leading centers in which sales has declined quite sharply i.e. 69 percent in the previous year. However, Symbian was once the most dominant phones of the market due to its fantastic camera technology. So, now Nokia would be looking ahead with some new phones in the future and we would be looking forward to it.

Nokia Press Release


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