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Takee 1 the World's First Holographic Smartphone [Video]

18 July, 2014 Technology

Takee 1


The technology parts costs is going down as the Technology is going up... Hologram or Holographic image is not a science fiction dream any more, you can now get it on your pocket. A new Chinese company called "Takee" broke all barriers and introduced the Worlds' first Holographic Smartphone, and it's called Takee 1.


Indeed, the holographic part in the title is surely why you're reading this right now, and also what sets Takee apart from the crowd. We'll go right ahead and also admit that that's by far the most exciting part of the Takee 1 a smartphone self-described as the world's first holographic phone. If this reminds you of the Amazon Fire Phone, then you're in the same boat with us, though it could be that Takee has something even more intriguing in store for us. At least judging from the promotional material available for the phone, which is all kinds of confusing.


Takee 1


Well, we currently have no way to verify if the Takee phone will simply use a set of four front-facing cameras to track your face and dynamically tweak the UI to create a depth effect, or if it really will be capable of projecting an image, like shown in photos and video. In any case, while this happens to be an area of disagreement between the outlets that have covered the Takee 1 already, it appears to us that the holographic fun can only take place if you snap on the spider-like accessory.


Takee 1


Said otherwise, the embedded front-facing cameras will only tweak the perspective, creating a more immersive experience, just like the Fire Phone. Regardless, even if it so happens that Takee is trying to emulate the Amazon Fire Phone, it does appear a tad more ambitious, seeing as apps, 3D games, and movies, are all types of content that Takee is promising to make available in a holographic format through its pre-installed Cloud Cube store.


Takee 1


You probably wondering what's the Specs of this phone ? Takee 1 comes with a 5.5-inch, 1080p display, an Octa-core MediaTek processor, 2GB RAM, and a 13-megapixel shooter with a Sony Exmor RS sensor. The battery on this still mysterious phone is said to have capacity of 2500 mAh. Lastly, the Takee 1 will be mainly available in black and white, but there'll also be a limited 18K gold edition.



Source, Takee 1 Promo [Video]


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