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The Evolution of the Casino

12 November, 2019 Gaming


Ask any gambler what pops into their head first when they hear the word casino. The answer will come as no surprise. Most probably describe modern Las Vegas-style casino resorts, with flashy gaming tables, glamourous dealers and hundreds of slot machines. Some might speak of today's online casinos that let you play and win cash anywhere, anytime.


But we bet no one will describe anything like the world's earliest casinos. That's because, since the first casino opened its doors in 1638, the casino - and the way we play casino games - has changed almost beyond recognition. New gambling laws, advancements in technology, busier lifestyles and even investment from the Mafia are just some of the factors that have helped to turn the casino from what is was back then into what it is today.


Interested in finding out more about the evolution of the casino? Take a look at the below infographic, put together with the help of the guys from the online casino



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