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The Evolution of the PC to a More Mobile Machine

3 June, 2016 Gaming

It seems every year we hear about the death of PC gaming and how it is coming to an end. Evidently this is not the case as we see the improvements in hardware and the thriving gaming community around it. The question is what is happening to PC gaming and where is it heading?

The answer to that is that the PC is become a more mobile device. The time when laptops were underperforming options for gaming are gone,and if you are willing to pay the price then you can have a powerful gaming machine. Whether you want to explore options with bingo games, casual games, or the latest Triple-A releases, the options are there.

While gaming may have a focus on pushing the extreme of performance there are also the less powerful, but still more useful choices for mobile devices. Chromebooks have seen a rise in popularity lately, especially based on the fact that it gives the user the freedom away from Windows 10. With the choice of processor though being an ARM processor, there is a lack of power in this option so it may restrict the game choices somewhat to the more casual game.

If you are looking for a gaming machine though there are Ultrabooks that can provide the performance, and laptops specifically designed for playing the latest games. These laptops can hold more mobile versions of the latest GPUS and have the required processing power and provide everything a gamer will need. Even for the more sociable and casual style of games.

So the answer to where the PC is heading is more mobile, but nowhere near dead just yet. With gamers looking for more and more power to run the latest games at higher resolutions and high frame rates too, the PC will always have the answer. It is fair to say that that fan of the PC has nothing to worry about just yet, the reported death of the PC seems still a long way off.


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