The Galaxy Note 8 Could Become Official on August 26

20 June, 2017 Samsung

If the latest report by Naver from South Korea has any truth to it, then we are probably going to be looking at the Galaxy Note 8 earlier than we thought we would. As per the report, Samsung is not going to wait till the IFA in September, but is going to announce the next Note at a Samsung exclusive event in New York City on the 26th of August.


Given that the Galaxy Note 7 was launched on August 2 last year, the August 26 date is still almost a month after the one year mark and that's exactly why this report may very well turn out to be true. Whether or not this change in schedule was brought on to get an edge over the iPhone 8 is unclear at this point of time. Truth be told, I am highly doubtful than an earlier than iPhone release will really affect the Note 8's sale by much. The reason I say this is because people who buy iPhones are usually the ones who buy well... iPhones! Samsung on the other hand, might also be eager to bring its first Note device to the market ever since the Note 7 disaster.


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