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The Galaxy Note 8 Could be Packing 8GB of RAM

15 June, 2017 Samsung

It was a big disappointment for us enthusiasts when the Galaxy Note 7 was released with just 4GB of RAM last year. It wasn't that performance took a hit or the 4GB of RAM was insufficient for multitasking by any means, but it was still disappointing because of the fact that every rumor till about a week before the launch was speculating that the Note 7 would sport 6GB RAM. The rumor mill is predicting something along the same line this year as well because the latest leak found on Weibo is suggesting that there will be an 8 gig variant of the Galaxy Note 8 as well.

According to this rumor, the Note 8 will come in two RAM variants; the standard 6GB and the "Emperor" version with 8GB. It wouldn't even be surprising if the Note 8 "Emperor" variant was also launched with double the standard storage of 256GB (as rumored). The only problem with the rumor is that the source is also claiming to know about the Galaxy Note 9; a smartphone which is hardly even in concept yet! According to this foresight, the Note 9 will sport 12GB of RAM and that does sound a bit absurd at this point of time...

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)


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