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Three variants of Galaxy Note 8 for Europe

11 February, 2013 Samsung

Samsung usually organizes special events on Mobile World Congress, such as the announcement of new smartphones or tablets, etc. This year, there will be no special press conference but they will carry on with launching at least one new device, the Galaxy Note 8. According to reports, it will come in three types and these are the GT N5110, which has Wi-Fi only, the GT 5100, which has 3G connectivity and lastly, the GT N5105, which has 3G and LTE connectivity.

There is no definite word yet with regards to the pricing but anticipate the Galaxy Note 8 to sweep across Europe seamlessly. Moreover, expect Samsung not to overprice the Note 8 especially if it will go head on against the iPad mini, which starts at around $329. Folks are advised to keep guessing until the next Mobile World Congress on February 25th in Spain.

Source: Unwiredview



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