Tim Cook Never Wanted To Sue Samsung Over Patents

11 February, 2013 Samsung

It was the late Steve Jobs' worst nightmare. A powerful Asian manufacturer, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, uses Google Inc's Android software to create smartphones and tablets that closely resemble the iPhone and the iPad. Samsung starts gaining market share, hurting Apple Inc's margins and stock price and threatening its reign as the king of cool in consumer electronics.

Apple's current CEO Tim Cook did not want to sue Samsung over smartphone patents, according to a new Reuters report. He was opposed to the lawsuit, largely because of Apple's supplier relationship with Samsung, according to Reuters.

Steve Jobs was the one that really wanted to go after Samsung in the courts once he saw how it was copying the iPhone and the iPad.

Despite the fact that Apple won its trial against Samsung in California, its litigation results around the world haven't been great. More importantly, the patent suits haven't slowed down the rise of Samsung one bit.


And since then, he's done just that. Apple settled with HTC. And Cook has talked to Google and Samsung about settling other lawsuits.



Full Story: Reuters



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