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Top 7 technologies that a programmer should learn in 2021

31 August, 2021 Technology

Top 7 technologies that a programmer should learn in 2021


2020 was a significant year for programmers and the software development industry because of the number of breakthroughs in different areas. Digitization has risen remarkably due to the pandemic and has led to several trends of technologies in the development world.


Web and software app development is crucial for businesses today, while developers and programmers are part of the essential enterprise helping companies innovate and thrive.


1. Multi-cloud

There's no doubt that Amazon web services are the leaders in the public cloud market, taking up 32%. While Microsoft comes in second with a 20% market share, and Google Cloud holds the third position with 9% of the market share. These three companies are bound to retain their positions in 2021.


Also, Multi-Cloud initiatives are going to gather momentum as more companies move towards them. For example, although Amazon was first reluctant about this multi-cloud strategy, they have now joined the market too so that programmers can deploy their apps in multiple clouds seamlessly.


2. Blockchain

Blockchain remains a very disruptive technology and is the technology used to fuel cryptocurrencies. However, this technology has the potential to change the IT industry as a whole completely. According to PR Newswire, it is projected to reach about $30.7 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 43%. In 2021, this technology will likely be used as the mechanism for smart contracts among several industries.


3. Data-intensive computation

The default option for data-intensive computation or distributed batch jobs some years back was Hadoop. However, according to an essay writer at assignment help, Apache Spark's emergence has led to the replacement of Hadoop for several distributed batch jobs. A significant difference between the two of them is their performance. Unlike Hadoop, Spark programs run about 10x faster on disk. It is also 100x faster than the in-memory of Hadoop. Spark was designed in a way that overcomes the faults in Hadoop, so we are likely to see a continuation of the replacement trend between Hadoop and Spark.


4. Rapid app development

As stated in a recent PR Newswire release, No-Code/Low Code market size or rapid app development is projected to have a market size in 2027 reaching up to $65.15 with a CAGR more significant than 26.1%. Several platforms such as Bubble, Microsoft, OutSystems, Power Apps, and Appian now support the no-code/low code in website development. The LCNC platforms in 2021 will become one of the most powerful trends with lots of mergers, innovations, and acquisitions.


5. Containerization

The primary technology within the cloud-native IT sector is containerization. According to Globe Newswire, Kubernetes already has an adoption rate of 48%, meaning that it is establishing itself as one of the top tools for the management and orchestration of containers. It currently leads in both the public and private cloud aspects. Also, it is crucial to note that the most prominent cloud providers such as Google, Azure, and AWS are now offering Kubernetes managed services. All of these point to a massive increase in the adoption rate of Kubernetes since it is the main technology behind the multi-cloud strategy.


6. Data analytics and science

Big data involves data collection that comes in large volumes and complexity such that the conventional data management tools can't handle these data. As more devices are connected to the web, big data continues to rise. The two significant jobs required in big data are data analyst and data scientist. The data scientist collects, organizes, and maintains a large volume of unstructured and structured data from several sources. Afterward, the data is cleaned and segregated for uniformity and accuracy purposes. Meanwhile, the data analyst analyzes the data to get actionable insights to improve the business operations.


More than half of companies are now using big data analytics for improving their business operations, making this technology a crucial one to learn in 2021.


7. Quantum computing

This technology is more of a reforming technology within the digitization era. It is likely to have an impact in several sectors. Based on a recent report by IBM, they will be debuting a Quantum Condor Processor with 1,121 qubits by 2023.


To put this into perspective, if the most advanced supercomputers are seen as 8th-grade math students or chess players, you can refer to the Quantum computers as a supergenius mathematician or a chess player capable of playing with 50 other average chess players at the same time.


Given the enormous interest and vast possibilities, we are likely to see some mind-blowing breakthroughs and discoveries in Quantum computing soon.



It is impossible to cover every area of the software industry. However, this article mentions some significant trends with technologies that can massively impact the life of a programmer. Moreover, many of these technological trends are going to continue. So it is best to start learning them.


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