Toray Introduce a Screen-protectors That Repair itself, Soon in Markets Worldwide

7 April, 2012 Technology

Self-repairing Screen-protector



"Toray" Advanced Film states that it is bringing some pretty futurist technology to market in the near future. It claims that it has developed a film that is able to repair itself in 10 seconds or less Wolverine-style.

Toray currently manufactures the film for a small number of applications such as decorative films for laptops, but says it has established a volume production system for the product. The company says its intention is to obtain $24.3 million in sales in 2014.

The product has a self-repairing layer on the surface of the polyethylene terephthalate film. While Toray has not revealed the details of how the layer is constructed, it has properties that allow it to repair scratches in 10 seconds or less at room temperatures. Unfortunately, if the film is damaged beyond that layer, say for example a knife cuts it, it is unable to repair itself. Toray has tested the durability of the film 20,000 times in succession, making a great solution to the wear and tear the average person tablet and phone sees.

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