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Trade your iPhone with HTC One X, Get FREE urBeats headset

23 September, 2012 HTC

HTC promotion


HTC, the Taiwan based company does have a special promotion for those who love Beats by Dr.Dre earphones (urBeats). Until October 21st, those with an older model Apple iPhone can purchase an HTC One X and then head over to the sourcelink to trade in any old Apple iPhone in working condition and without any damage to the screen. HTC will then send you those urBeats earphones that you love so much.

If you don't want the earphones, HTC will send you cash for your old Apple iPhone if you purchase an HTC One X. Check out the price calculator on the HTC website to see how much you can receive for your older iPhone. The Apple iPhone 4S in 16GB will bring you a $210 payment while an OG 16GB Apple iPhone will fetch you $15.


Source (HTC)



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