Verizon catches new touchscreen cell phone Motorola Blaze

19 August, 2008 Motorola


Motorola, now B-list handset manufacturer that once gave us the all-powerful Razor, doesn\'t want to be left off the touchscreen handset gravy train. For that reason, Motorola has created the Blaze, a smart-looking little handset, all decked out in red, for all the CDMA fans over at Verizon.


The folks over at the Boy Genius Report posted new photographs of Motorola\'s new touchscreen handset, the Blaze. There should be little doubt that the handset will, indeed, be retailed for Verizon. No word yet as to whether smaller CDMA-based networks will receive the handset, but Verizon will most likely be the big player with this unit.


The Blaze isn't anything to scoff at, either. As to unit hardware specifications, the Blaze has a 2.0 megapixel camera, EV-DO support, Mobile TV, Blue-tooth, and that ever-so-lovely custom Verizon operating system. Why on earth Verizon feels the need to muddy the strong systems developers create is beyond me, but there you have it.


On the topic of Verizon cramming its own operating system onto each and every handset it retails, I would imagine it is so that customers don't feel like they're purchasing something completely foreign with a new handset. Obviously, there is some benefit to being able to pick up a new unit and already be familiar with the OS. However, that certainly makes a big statement as to what Verizon thinks about handset developers' abilities for programming.


The Verizon Blaze is unique in that it is a flip-style phone that you can operate while closed; beyond that, you won\'t be really missing much if you pass this handset by. Testing shows that the mobile browser is lack-luster, and just about everything else is more hassle than fun.


Still, one might assume from the low to mid-range specifications that those looking to land a decent touchscreen handset might be satisfied with the Blaze. No price range has been set, but with much flashier and higher-end handsets hitting the touchscreen market, expect this one to be at least reasonably priced.



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