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Vivo flaunts an idea smartphone with a separable camera module

13 October, 2020 Vivo

Vivo flaunts an idea smartphone with a separable camera module


In an offer to venture around the score plan, numerous organizations have been making an assortment of elective arrangements. This comes as opening punch camera patterns, slideout cameras, and popup cameras, however we believe that Vivo is truly taking the cake on this one with their new IFEA idea smart phone.


As should be obvious in the renders above, Vivo has a thought wherein the forward looking camera isn't just a popup camera, however it can really be eliminated and utilized as an independent gadget. The plan has evidently won the organization the Red Dot Design Award, despite the fact that do take note of this is an idea and we don't know whether Vivo has plans to make it a reality.


That being stated, we don't know whether this may fundamentally be the best of thoughts. Without a doubt, we can see a ton of expected use for a separable camera module. The port could likewise be utilized for outside frill like perhaps a glimmer unit, an outer battery pack, wellbeing adornments, etc, yet our fundamental concern would lose the module.


Given how little it will be, it would be simple for you to drop it or lose it. We are likewise worried that one day the connection could turn out to be free and drop out of our pockets, and we'd prefer not to figure how much clients may need to pay to supplant it. We do imagine that it is as yet a somewhat cunning plan and one that we may not really have thought of, so praise to Vivo for that!


Meanwhile, other handset creators are attempting to fit the camera module under the presentation. So far we've seen endeavors by Xiaomi and ZTE, yet we can't address the picture quality caught by these cameras yet.



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