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Vivo shares its Android 12 beta guide for its phones

21 October, 2021 Vivo


Since Google has begun to carry out Android 12 to its Pixel smartphones, non-Pixel proprietors are presumably pondering when they will actually want to get the Android 12 update on their gadget. This will vary from handset brand to handset brand, model to display, however we have some uplifting news for Vivo proprietors.


The organization has as of late shared a guide for their arrangements to make the Android 12 beta accessible for its phones. The principal phone on the rundown to get the Android 12 beta would be the Vivo V70 Pro+, the organization's most recent handset, so no curve balls there. It will be accessible beginning from the finish of November 2021.


Vivo shares its Android 12 beta guide for its phones


This will be trailed by the Vivo X60 Pro+, X60 Pro, X60, V21 and Y72 5G toward the finish of December, and afterward other Vivo handsets beginning in 2022 onwards. It appears to be that the organization anticipates running its beta program until April, so we don't know whether that is the point at which they'll begin delivering the last form for clients in the middle or on the other hand assuming all clients should delay until.


Observe that this is for the beta form of Android 12, which implies that this isn't the last form so on the off chance that you only one phone, it probably won't be the best plan to introduce the beta as there could be bugs and issues that will make it hard to utilize.


We recently perceived how Xiaomi's "steady" Android 12 beta wound up bricking a portion of its phones, so except if you're willing to face that challenge, it's most likely not the best plan to introduce the beta on your every day driver.


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