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Ways in Which You Can Speed Up Your Android Phone

23 December, 2020 Android


In the 21st century, owning a phone has become the norm, and you can no longer imagine surviving without one. Your smartphone is often the first thing you reach for when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you look at before you fall asleep. Phones have enabled you to keep in touch with your families and friends constantly, and you are always made aware of every little thing that happens in everybody's lives. But nobody likes it when their phone refuses to obey their commands and work smoothly instantaneously. Here are some ways in which you can speed up your Android phone.


Ways in Which You Can Speed Up Your Android Phone


Clear the cache

Operating a smartphone involves the use of multiple applications, often at the same time. Every time you use an app or your browser, some information is created and stored to make various processes faster the next time you use it. This is called the cache. Cache from multiple apps could accumulate and take a toll on your device's storage and performance speed. To stop this from happening, delete the cache regularly.


You can delete the cache on your phone by opening up the settings and deleting the cache from each app. Alternatively, you can also make use of a trusted application that can clear the cache from all your phones and keep your storage optimised.


Clean up the home screen
Your home screen will contain the apps that you use the most and widgets that provide information. These apps automatically update every time you turn on your phone. To minimise the energy taken out of your phone to update these apps and widgets, keep your home screen clean. Only place the most essential apps there.


Factory Reset

Carrying out a factory reset is an extreme step and is not done that often. But a factory reset is efficient in cleaning up your phone and optimising its performance. You could schedule a factory reset every few months if you want to keep your phone running at the most ideal performance levels. But since a factory reset will erase all the data on your phone, make sure to properly backup everything.


Use ordinary wallpapers

Live wallpapers might look fun and exciting every time you open up the phone. But they require lots of energy consumption and more work from your battery and CPU. This could slow down your phone and reduce its performance. To make sure that your phone does not go through these issues, use a static wallpaper.


Data Saver on Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popularly used browsers on Android phones. You might be trying to play a gambling game listed in when the browser slows down, and your game takes several minutes to load. You can reduce the loading time of websites and search results by enabling the Data Saver mode. This mode uses reduced data while surfing the web and additionally helps load pages quicker. You might experience reduced video and image quality, so consider your priorities before switching on the Data Saver mode.


Data Saver on Chrome


Turn off auto-sync

Many applications will give you the option to automatically sync the data made on the servers using various devices. This is often used to sync your emails in various accounts. Auto-sync can reduce the efficiency of your mobile device and slow it down. Try to entirely turn off auto-sync or keep it on only when absolutely necessary.


Delete applications

When you purchase a new smartphone, it often comes with several pre-installed apps. You would never use many of these apps. Over the course of many months, you would have also installed and forgotten about various apps and games. As these unnecessary applications accumulate on your phone, they will take up lots of storage space and slow down your device. The play store will also regularly update these apps. So, occasionally comb through the list of applications on your phone and uninstall the ones you haven't used in a while. If it's not possible to delete some of these apps, disable them.


Upgrade your Operating System

Every time you get a notification regarding a system update, make sure you carry it out as soon as possible. These upgrades will fix the issues and bugs in your previous operating system and optimise your phone's performance and security.


If you have the necessary skills and patience to do so, you can install a custom ROM on your phone. Doing this gives you several benefits including an update to the latest Android version which wouldn't have been possible otherwise, and better battery and performance.


Summing up

There are several easy and quick changes you can make on your smartphone to increase its speed and performance. Remember to clean up the cache and regularly upgrade your operating system to improve your experience while using a smartphone.


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