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Ways to Improve Your Productivity

16 December, 2020 Business

Ways to Improve Your Productivity


Earlier or later, every person starts thinking about one's own effectiveness. If you are wondering whether you are using all your potential and whether you can improve your own efficiency, here are some tips that will help you (as they have already helped many people).


1. Find a Goal for Productivity

It is impossible to improve your effectiveness without strong motivation. Without a clear understanding of why you need to be more effective, you won't get what you want. Therefore, at the start, define your goals. Investing time and effort in productivity, changing habits and schedules is a waste of resources if you do everything without deep motivation.


2. Define Your Biological Prime Time

Energy is the fuel that keeps you productive. Therefore, all essential tasks need to be performed during peak activity, i.e., the so-called biological prime time. To determine it, watch how your performance changes throughout the day. The times when you feel most focused and energetic are your prime time.


3. Focus on Important Things

Pareto's law says: 20% of the efforts give 80% of the result, the remaining 80% of the endeavors are only 20%. To increase productivity, it is crucial to identify the most valuable tasks and devote maximum time, energy, and attention to them.


How to do this? In the morning, define three top goals that you would like to achieve by the evening and the three most important tasks for the week. At the very beginning, it can be complicated. Thus, define which of the assignments can be entrusted to paytowriteessays services while you learn to increase your own effectiveness.


To remind yourself of tasks, set two alarms every day: when they go off, check if you are on time to achieve your goals. Every night and at the end of the week, review what you did and how realistic your goals were.


4. Control Procrastination

When the limbic system of the brain defeats the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for logical thinking, we decide to put things off. How to control it:

  • Make a list of procrastination tasks. While you postpone major assignments, take on smaller ones like writing and sending letters or making schedules. Thus, you can procrastinate productively and take advantage of the distraction from current affairs.
  • Predict the list of losses. Write down the tasks that you tend to postpone and imagine the consequences and cost of your procrastination.
  • Just start. Set a timer for 15 minutes and get started. If you feel like you can continue, don't stop. Fear of a task takes more energy and time than the assignment itself.

5. Forget About Multitasking

It is proven that the brain can't fully concentrate on multiple tasks at once. One way to be more productive is to single-task. Focus on a specific object and direct all your energy to it.


6. Work Less

Don't be surprised. Everyone can learn how to reduce the time spent on daily tasks. To do this, you can try to set artificial hourly limits. For example, if an assignment takes 4 hours, set a timer that will go off after 2 hours. This will create an atmosphere of urgency and motivation to put more energy into work.


7. Structure Your Life

To control your plans, ideas, and projects, divide them into seven main categories:

  • mind,
  • body,
  • emotions,
  • career,
  • finance,
  • relationship,
  • entertainment.

At the beginning of the week, make a detailed outline of the responsibilities and tasks for each category. Upon completion, evaluate achievements to make changes to the overall course.


Don't Overdo It!

When making decisions now, be sure to think about your future self not to be overloaded with responsibilities. Take progressive steps, work with awareness, don't waste energy, and don't be too hard on yourself. This will keep you motivated and effective.


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