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We should discuss the Samsung Galaxy Note series' retirement a year after the fact

3 August, 2022 Samsung

We should discuss the Samsung Galaxy Note series' retirement a year after the fact


Last year, Samsung's smartphone business went through one of the most outstanding rebuilding stages when it got rid of the Galaxy Note series. It was difficult to accept, given the setup's rich inheritance, however quick forward to the current day, and it appears as though it was the best decision to make. Go along with us beneath for another video as we discuss Samsung's cunning intend to bring the S Pen to additional clients.


We recently depicted the Galaxy S22 Ultra as a profound replacement to the now-dropped Galaxy Note series since it basically is only that. It has an underlying S Pen holster and follows the Galaxy Note plan language, thus, banning from the S22 Ultra moniker, this gadget reduces to what the Galaxy Note 21 Ultra ought to have been. Was it all worth the effort?



Samsung's system is following through on off yet includes some major disadvantages

The Galaxy S Ultra line forfeited itself so the Galaxy Note series could live on. Furthermore, seeing marketing projections, the arrangement absolutely worked. Samsung as of late affirmed that Galaxy S22 Ultra shipments have proactively surpassed past Galaxy Note models, which basically implies that the S Pen is presently in the possession of much more individuals.


No matter what, the Galaxy Note series and going with S Pen forever were encircled by a demeanor of restrictiveness. This kept down marketing projections, and the setup appeared to have arrived at a hard roof. However, the Galaxy S22 Ultra seems to have accomplished its objective. It brought the Galaxy Note recipe and the S Pen to the majority, and presently, the S Pen is liberated from those nonexistent hindrances.


This included some significant pitfalls, notwithstanding. What's more, as we make sense of in the video beneath, it removed something from the Galaxy S series' personality. Samsung's naming plan to the side, the Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn't actually have a legitimate spin-off, and that is a disgrace. However, in light of everything, the downfall of the Galaxy Note series might have gone a ton more regrettable. Fortunately, the Galaxy S22 Ultra filled that hole to say the very least.


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