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What App Developers Should Know about Online Payments

15 September, 2020 Web Tech

What App Developers


Statistics reveal that mobile shopping makes up a huge chunk of e-commerce payment in the retail sales industry. Experts projected that by 2021 more than 50 percent of retail sales done in the e-commerce industry will be made via mobile devices. This goes to say that it is crucial to have a mobile payment processing gateway that works well with the mobile app that you are looking to develop. If you are an app developer, here are some of the things that you should know about online payments.


Security Should Be a Top Priority

Security is of utmost importance and more so now that there are certain regulatory changes. In the past, U.S. law dictates that banks should be held responsible for any loss when fraudulent transactions occur. In turn, the consumer will be absolved from most of its legal liabilities except for a small portion of the overall amount of loss. However, with the emergence of the EMV feature for credit cards, it has become more difficult for dishonest people to commit fraudulent transactions. This also leads to a shift in legal liability. The professionals behind recommend that if you are looking to develop an app with an online payment gateway, better make sure that it ticks all the boxes in the security checklist. According to the recent changes in the law, the onus is now on which side the EMV was not enabled, whether it’s the issuer or the merchant.


Make Use of SDK


Make Use of SDK

You will need an SDK if you integrate a payment gateway into your app. Every payment provider should be equipped with this software development kit or SDK. The best thing about integrating a payment gateway is its ability to help you take control of the transactions, security, and any other aspects of payment operations. Although some of the details regarding its integration vary based on the kind of dev tools and platform you choose, the basic scheme is still the same. App developers that incorporate payment methods will greatly simplify the entire payment process. This is beneficial not just for customers but for app developers as well.


Know More Than Just the Basics

The payment gateway serves as the API that you use when charging a customer’s payment card. The payment processor wherein you have your merchant account will take care of the payment process. The use of this two-part process is important for added security. Some developers refer to straightforward payments as a happy path wherein a company will make successful attempts at obtaining payment from customers. However, there are also times when happy paths lead to declined payments, incorrect billing information, and refund requests. This is when integrating online payments becomes a bit more complicated not only from a workflow point of view and the user interface. Integrating payment capabilities into your app could mean entirely different things. You have to identify first what kind of app you are developing. Is it something that consumers download? Or, is it an app for businesses to download? Are you planning to sell something to app users? Or, is your app helps other companies process payments? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you better come up with a comprehensive set of mechanics involved in the payment system process.


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