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What Comes Next for Mobile?

11 June, 2021 Technology


Our modern smartphones have largely remained the same for quite some time now, and although newer enthusiast devices are looking to push features like folding screens it's unlikely these will be the next big step forward and more of a gimmick - but it does raise the question of what the next big thing for mobile could be to continue to push them forward whether as just usability features as things like cars become more reliant on mobile, gaming features and casual mobile gaming with the likes of pala casino promo code has helped options on the rise, or even a step further for total multimedia options with camera and video sharing and further links to things like social media and social sharing. So, what features do we know about, and which could be on the horizon?


What Comes Next for Mobile?


5G is the clear next step - The first big change that will be introduced will certainly come from 5G as it quickly starts to spread - currently only available in larger cities, the next few years will change mobile networking. With speeds up to one hundred times faster than currently available, it will enable a new variety of online options and connectivity that has already started to emerge in mobile, but further that by allowing bigger transfers of data which may have been previously limited by capacity or speed capabilities.


Display has been another of the big changers - They've certainly become the big power draw for modern smartphones, and as they continue to improve something that may need a bigger battery to sustain, but the display may be the next key feature to be upgraded. Faster displays with 120hz response rates are becoming more common, and with more pixels being packed in they're also clearer than ever before too - whilst it's unlikely that screens will get bigger as phablets already verge on the edge of being a little too big for some, there's likely to be a display change somewhere along the line.


External peripherals and connectivity options - Many of our external peripherals either rely on a direct connection most commonly now through USB-C, or through Bluetooth, and the next big change that comes to mobile could be in how we connect our external devices and what they are. We've recently seen how VR has changed to become a completely wireless option where 5G may enable a stronger connection where Bluetooth may not be possible to transmit the data required, as such the next big step forward may be finding a way to deliver greater data transfer and finding which peripherals could change the way we use our devices - could it come from motion controls, gestures, or something else entirely.


With how fast our devices have been changing and moving, we may start to get some answers sooner rather than later, and the next big change could completely change the way we use our devices, whether that does come through novelty or through something more substantial.


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