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Why Enphold Makes The Best Wallet Case For iPhone

29 January, 2021 Apple

Why Enphold Makes The Best Wallet Case For iPhone


With the success of the iPhone, it's obvious why everyone's trying to contend for the best iPhone wallet cases. But it's important to slow down and look at results. At Enphold, we make phone cases and screen protectors that we'd use ourselves. Our best efforts go into providing the best products. And the results show. Take a look:



Some phone cases might not offer the full package. There are a lot of cases out there that mostly act as attachments, with your valuables left hanging in a single pouch. The Executive by Enphold (shown below) can do that just as well, and we also offer a wide variety of other wallet case types.



The Executive Genuine Leather Wallet Case


If you limit yourself to thin phone cases, you'd be paying too much for not enough protection. Their cases really only cover the back, which means the front of your phone is left to anything life throws at it. It looks too much like the early days of iPhones when everybody ran around without cases. It's crazy to think people were so reckless once upon a time.


"The Easel" Phone Stand Wallet Case


So if convenient financial access and phone safety is what you're after, Enphold's got you covered. The Easel (shown above) and The Folio (shown below) are specially designed for any weather and other inclement conditions: snow, rain, hail, or even a long drop onto hard cement. Further, these cases can charge wirelessly, which is a huge bonus. Even for The Executive, our ultra-slim wallet case, we offer iPhone camera protectors and screen protectors. Bottom line: Enphold covers more ground with more premium products.


The Folio iPhone Wallet Case w/ Detachable Cardholder

The Folio iPhone Wallet Case w/ Detachable Cardholder



You may have seen phone case makers that have limited wallet case options. All of Enphold's iPhone cases come with at least one card slot for your valuables (some have two or three slots). We believe you shouldn't have to choose between high-quality cases and a functional wallet. After all, what's the point of a case wallet if it can't work with your case?


On top of that, each case can function beyond just a phone wallet. One of our newest models, The Ally (shown below) is a MagSafe wallet case that allows the convenience of "snap on and go". While it also holds three or four cards (depending on card thickness), The Ally also comes in five gorgeous colors and works with any MagSafe-capable iPhone model. The Ally is just one example of why Enphold believes in providing useful phone cases with awesome features.


The Ally MagSafe Wallet Case

The Ally MagSafe Wallet Case



We only create cases that we would use ourselves, and everything we make comes with our seal of approval. Our cases fit your iPhone like a glove and act as wallets, phone cases, and fashion statements.


Enphold offers hand-treated leather materials for every case wallet we make. Wallet cases are made with only the finest materials and pass through several professionals before it reaches you. We know you deserve the best, and that's why we're driven to provide superior phone wallet capabilities.


Online Presence.

Our need for good design extends to our website, too. When you visit, you'll be treated right. There are too many sites that fill their pages with clutter and noise. But Enphold keeps things simple and breaks down our products into a few simple categories (plus some extra offers, such as screen and camera protection).


Instead of just hurling random, semi-useful products at you, Enphold relies on four core case styles: The Executive, The Folio, The Easel, and The Ally. Each of these are phone wallets that come with amazing colors, compatibility across multiple iPhones, durable leather, and unique advantages. For example, our most popular wallet case, The Folio, delivers a magnetic clasp and complete phone protection while still allowing you to take pictures. And The Executive's slim fit and sleek design are sure to secure your finances and your "Best iPhone Wallet Case" prize.


Our site takes you through these options in a gentle flow, a pattern that guides you through each option's advantages. Each wallet case also comes with compatibility for multiple phone types. They also pack a punch with multiple colors; all of our models sport multiple classy colors, with many of them including four or five. The site offers multiple photos and angles of each product, so you can know exactly what you'll be enjoying when it arrives.


Customer Satisfaction.

Take the people's word for it. If you're sick of websites offering flashy but flimsy wares, then Enphold is the right place for you. Unlike sites with three- or two-star reviews bemoaning their products' lack of durability or screen protection, Enphold is the proud provider of great customer experiences.


Of all the reviews on our site, none of them complain about low-quality cases, and all of them talk about the beautiful design, premium leather feel, and top-notch durability that Enphold has become known for. With so much going for it, and with the approval of many, many customers, Enphold truly is the people's choice.


Enphold offers the full package. Not only do we deliver premium products for all styles and sizes of iPhone cases, but we also go the extra mile when it comes to iPhone protection. Our ProGlass iPhone Camera & Lens Protector is second to none at covering your camera. We also offer our Ceramic Glass iPhone Screen Protector to cover every inch of your phone.


Give yourself the best! Shop Enphold wallet cases today!


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