Why you should Upgrade your Galaxy S III to a Galaxy S5 ? [Video]

6 July, 2014 Samsung

Samsung Galaxy


It's been two years since Samsung release the Galaxy S III (2012) and you probably ready to renew your contract if you bought it from a carrier. Now, Samsung started an Ad campaign on YouTube to encourage Galaxy S III users to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S5. You'll get more performance, better camera, better display, more features, latest Android version and longer support.


For the purpose of convincing Galaxy S III owners to upgrade to a Galaxy S5, Samsung has posted some video ads on its official YouTube channel. Each one focuses on a different area in which the new phone bests the old one.


Samsung lays everything out, though. We get to see that the S5 has a higher-res camera than its ancestor, and apparently that means you'll capture some amazing details in your pictures. HDR mode gets a shout-out too. Check the videos below!





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