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Will Roaming Charges Return Across the Board?

12 October, 2021 YouMobile


The announcement that came a few months ago brought the bad news to many individuals across the UK and Europe with the return of roaming charges for UK based networks meaning trips abroad could start to find some more expensive days and nights than had been hoped for - this change could hit some harder than others, those looking to explore remote working options with more details here about those who have found success will be amongst the first to have to experience larger changes. A question that has been asked since, however, is whether or not roaming charges will look to expand outwards, or if they'll remain contained within the UK?


The announcement


For most of Europe, free roaming continues to be in place but there are suggestions this may not always be the case, within the next couple of years there will be another vote on whether to extend this or whether it's time to scrap it, the clear hope for many will be that it's something that remains in place, but many carriers seem to be excited at the opportunity to scrap this as soon as possible, granted it is a big paycheck for those using their mobile devices whilst travelling.


For those who are already experiencing the change for roaming charges, the waters are becoming a bit muddied to exactly which provider has which rules in place, and whilst there are many sources that are outlining these changes as they become publicly available, these changes are being made so quickly it can be difficult to keep up - whilst the initial change was aimed short stays rather than a permanent living arrangement, there were ways to skirt the rules somewhat so many individuals enjoyed the comfort of home contracts whilst living abroad.


For those who had never experienced what it's like to have no roaming charges, it will continue to be business as usual as much of the rest of the world never saw the charges disappear and may find this some non-news, but for those who have been enjoying all of the benefits offered, it's a very big change, and not something that's going to be easy to swallow. For now it means there are only a few locations that still allow the ‘roam like at home', but the expectation that roaming charges will return as they once were is quickly approaching - whether or not a new solution will present itself is yet to be seen but there's certainly a space in the market for it, particularly when paying £5 per downloaded MB of data seems so obscene and outdated, particularly in todays world where data usage makes up such a large part of the day to day.


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