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Will you ditch your iPhone for a week for $1000?

7 June, 2019 Apple



Can you live without your iPhone for 7 days? It may look weird to you, but the internet service provider frontier communications have actually offered this deal. It is open for anyone with iPhone. The company will choose one person among the applicants who are willing to giving up their iPhone to use an old-fashioned flip phone instead of using their iPhone for seven full days. If this person could continue to use it for the duration mention, he or she will be rewarded with $1000.

The company is also providing the candidate with a survival kit which includes a physical map to be used instead of Apple Maps, a physical phonebook to write down the number and contact information for the contacts, a pen and notebook, and a CD with 90's era music. To prove the success the person has to document every detail of whole experience. This may sound more like a task rather than a contest, as it lists the candidates' responsibilities and mention the prize money as compensation. This also includes the tracking your time to complete each task such as texting and checking email. The company is also interested to learn how many hours you slept during that one week, how productivity changed, and how many times you wished to Google something but couldn't.

The contest's rules didn't say that you cannot use your laptops or tablets, which could render the whole experiment useless. It seems like a marketing attempt by the company. - as they are looking for someone with active social presence, which would also affect the brand awareness for the company. Contest is calling it as ‘its concerns over tech addiction', prompting tech firms to help us manage the amount of time we spend on our smartphones. Apple launched its screen time feature last time, which allows iPhone users to see their total time being spent on their phones.


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