Windows 8 Official Redesigned Logo [Photo]

20 February, 2012 Windows 8

Windows 8 Logo

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We already leaked the Start-up screen animation and the icon of Windows 8, Today we the Have the final official logo of Windows 8 (picture above).


The Windows logo has gone through several changes over the years. What started as a simple, monochrome 2D logo with Windows 1.0 slowly became more complex as more colors were added along with a bit of depth, until it started resembling a flag by the time XP came out. That "flag" then got ensconced inside an orb with Vista and has been the same ever since. from Windows Steam blog post:

It's a window... not a flag

Paula asked us a simple question, "your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?"

With the Windows 8 logo, Microsoft has attempted to move away from this flag shaped logo towards something that goes well along with the "Windows" name, as well as fit with the new Metro style of the UI. For this they hired the designers at Pentagram and thus the new Windows 8 logo was born.

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