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Wordle developer makes generous app donation to charity

3 February, 2022 App Updates

The craze for Wordle

The craze for Wordle is reaching fever pitch, and people all over the world are getting involved in the online word association game.


However, perhaps what is even funnier, is how someone has inadvertently benefitted from the success of Wordle.


Reports have surfaced over the past week or so, that a developer of a game that shares the same name as Wordle has made a significant donation to charity after people accidentally downloaded it.


App developer Steve Cravotta revealed recently there have been over 200,000 downloads of his app after Wordle went viral.


It is believed that a donation was made to an educational charity, however, the size of the donation was not disclosed.


The way Wordle has taken off has been nothing short of incredible, and the online game is based around players trying to guess anagrams of words, and users can then pay should they wish to unlock new levels.


In just a few months, Wordle has gone from having just a few players to millions, and it has been a near-instant hit.


However, as far as app-based and online games go, such as Wordle, they are a good escape from working life, well that's according to Wordle fan Nick Bowman.


He said: "So much of our digital infrastructure is demanding things of us - we click on something, we get notifications, things are shared beyond us.


"Wordle leaves you alone and gives us a break - and we have control over the experience.


"Gaming has always been social but there aren't many where we can share our entire performance."


Gaming, and in particular Wordle, has always provided a unique experience. They are simple in the way they have been designed, but there is something special about it, that keeps its users hooked, and wanting to play more. But it's not just online games that have captured our hearts and imagination. The same can be said with slot titles which are equally as ubiquitous. There are many that have stood the test of time, and they have become casino classics in their own right. For example, Starburst, Book of the Dead, and Immortal Romance are but just a few titles that have had a big impact in the online casino arena, and they continue to attract throngs of new players at casinos with free spins with no wagering Leo Vegas and Betfair Casino.


Of course, the story surrounding the app with the same name as Wordle is remarkable, but it's probably not as uncommon as you may think.


Nevertheless, web-based games have their place. Ultimately, they provide a lot of enjoyment and entertainment for many users across the globe, so we should celebrate everything good about them.


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