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Worlds Largest Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery

13 April, 2013 Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S III is still one of the best smartphones in the industry, even after its popular sibling, the S 4 was launched last month. For this reason, many are still developing ways to make this device better such as new colors, skins, and for the more resourceful, giving it a better battery life.

One guy from Reddit found an extension battery that boosts the S III's battery to 7000 mAh, which translates to longer battery life. The stock S III has a standard 2100 mAh battery and using this extension battery will more than triple its power.

People will really jump at this opportunity, even if it was a bit expensive and the good news is that it is actually quite affordable. Naturally, it will bulk your S III a bit, but the added weight is insignificant especially if at $33.99, you can already make your S III the envy of all smartphone users.

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