XREAL's Beam Pro is a Phone that's Made for AR Content

19 June, 2024 Technology

XREAL's Beam Pro is a Phone that's Made for AR Content


While a lot of the augmented reality (AR) products that we've seen so far revolve around wearable headgear, it looks like XREAL wants to shake things up a bit following the launch of the XREAL Beam Pro, a phone that's specially-designed to take advantage of AR technology.


At first glance the device looks like a rather "standard" smartphone, featuring a 6.5-inch LCD 2K (2400 x 1080) screen and a chassis that's not too different from most handsets on the market these days. Inside is a Snapdragon chip with up to 8GB of RAM, with Android 14 running the show (albeit with XREAL's own NebulaOS on top). The device also features dual 50MP 3D cameras, allowing users to record spatial videos with 1080p resolution, at 60 frames per second.


XREAL's Beam Pro is a Phone that's Made for AR Content


With that said though, its core standout features are possible using a custom spatial UI, which is built on XREAL's NebulaOS. This allows users to immerse themselves with 2D apps, now presented in an optimized 3DoF or 6DoF spatial environment via XREAL's AR glasses - this includes entertainment and content streaming platforms, as well as games available on the Google PlayStore.


XREAL's Beam Pro is a Phone that's Made for AR Content


The company is pretty confident that the Beam Pro has what it takes to stand out in its respective market segment. XREAL Founder and CEO Chi Xu states:


With XREAL Beam Pro we chose a uniquely simple design that features a familiar Android mobile experience to open the door to a new world of spatial computing that everyone can enjoy. We are joined today by supporters, including Qualcomm Technologies and others, and we see the mobile internet evolving to the spatial internet and foresee XREAL Beam Pro plus XREAL glasses as the ultimate AR solution to explore millions of apps in 3D space.


The XREAL Beam Pro will be available in both Wi-Fi and 5G models, with 6GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB (expandable) storage and memory configurations. Pricing starts at $199, with pre-orders now open for the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Czech, China and Japan.


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