You can soon build your own Google AI chatbot

25 June, 2024 Technology

You can soon build your own Google AI chatbot


Chatbots can be useful if you want customer service and you don't want to wait around for a live person to chat with. The only problem is that a lot of existing chatbots are kind of "dumb" and limited. That could be something Google could be looking to fix as they are apparently working on a new AI chatbot project.


According to a report from The Information (paywall), Google is working on a new AI project involving chatbots. This project would basically allow anyone to create their own chatbots, similar to services like The report claims that this will be purely for entertainment purposes, but we can see the potential behind it.

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Google might consider integrating its generative AI chatbots directly into YouTube rather than keeping them as standalone entities. This approach could leverage popular YouTube creators who could use these AI personas to enhance their content, similar to how major YouTube star Mr. Beast already utilizes AI on Meta platforms. This strategy could potentially include a monetization model tied to user engagement and other relevant YouTube metrics.


Google is exploring the possibility of integrating its generative AI chatbots into YouTube, rather than keeping them as separate entities. This approach could allow popular YouTube creators to feature these AI personas in their content, akin to how Mr. Beast, a prominent YouTube star, already incorporates AI on Meta platforms. Google may also develop a monetization strategy tied to user engagement and other key YouTube metrics.


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If Google can somehow come up with a way to make it easy to create an AI-powered chatbot, it would revolutionize the way companies interact with their customers. Generative AI models allow users to ask it questions in natural language, making it easier to use and less awkward.



We've already seen the benefits of using AI models like ChatGPT, so imagine if all companies could easily create something similar to answer questions customers might have. The report also claims that Google could allow users to create chatbots modeled after celebrities, social media influencers, and more.


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