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iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max bug makes Apple’s high-end flagships restart while charging

29 September, 2022 Apple

iPhone 14 Ace and Pro Max bug makes Apple's top of the line leads restart while charging


It is difficult to say that the iPhone 14 series partook in a smooth and without issue discharge, as remarks about bugs began to spring up not long after individuals got their hands on one.


The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, specifically, appear to be the principal wellspring of such reports, as with an as of late found 5G network bug, for instance. One more hotly debated issue around the top of the line leads from Apple this year is their battery duration - all the more explicitly, we tried how much the new Consistently in plain view channels from the iPhone 14 Pro battery.


Significantly more as of late, notwithstanding, a considerably more disturbing issue with the more costly models has surfaced. A few clients have gone to Reddit to gripe about their iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max units haphazardly restarting while at the same time being charged. (through 9to5Mac) It seems to be the issue continues regardless in the event that you are charging the phone by means of a Lightning link or a MagSafe remote charger.


It likewise gives the idea that it doesn't make any difference what iOS 16 form you are on, as the bug endures on clients with iOS 16.0.1, 16.0.2, and, surprisingly, the beta variant of iOS 16.1. Apple is on the way out with an authority explanation in regards to this issue, with the exception of an answer from Apple Backing to one of the clients, where it carefully guided attempt:

  • Fully restoring from backup with DFU (Device Firmware Update)
  • Fully restoring from backup with Recovery Mode
  • Disabling optimized charging
  • Uninstalling the Eufy app

Sadly, none of these appeared to help the client being referred to. They add that the bug appears to happen just when the battery is charging between 90-95% and that the main fix they have found to work until further notice is to handicap foundation application invigorate.


Apple ordinarily rushes to address bugs after another phone/programming discharge, particularly when the issue is a significant one. Thus, assuming you end up being one of the clients encountering this irritation, you presumably will not need to live with it any more.


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