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Google just launched a new Photo Sphere viewing widget that you can add to ANY website. Check out this example by +Colby Brown ( and see instructions here:

There's little difference from what has been on for years, With a GoPano Plus, you can shoot this types of photos and movies from any camera and share them via the web. In fact +Controlled Capture Systems has a USB system on sale at their website.

I found that the large photo sphere images become difficult to navigate around when on a mobile device that uses swiping with fingers. As you try to swipe down the page you can get a bit stuck when just the images moves.

For more information, check out this page.


The Motorola X Phone is rumored to have been benchmarked and is supposedly running on Key Lime Pie/Android 5.0.1 according to a new smartphone benchmark screen shot that came out recently.

The name on the benchmark results is "Google X". However, nothing "official" has come out of either Google or Motorola yet, so don't get your hopes too high. Moreover, the device won't be available until late 2013, possibly 3rd to 4th quarter this year, so we're pretty sure that many rumors of this sort will still come out during the period leading to the date of actual launch.

Next month, though, Google will possibly already introduce Key Lime Pie and some are speculating on the likelihood of a real Motorola X prototype. It will apparently have a 4.8-in display, quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip and it will work well in wet conditions just like the Sony Xperia Z can.

Source: rbmen

Hungary and Lesotho are the latest to join the Google Street View. The last time that the app was updated, a total of 50 countries are already included with 350,000 miles of streets and roads in images. It is one of the biggest single updates to happen so far.

Coverage in Poland and Romania has also been expanded and other locations were also included to make sure more people will be able to access the app and find it convenient. Other countries, whose roads and streets have also been added, were also mentioned in the news from the Google blog.

This is useful for those who are interested in virtual tourism and for those who are planning on their itineraries prior to going to a particular city. Street View on Google Maps will surely be relevant to those who love to travel and experience adventures off the beaten path. It is expected to expand to more countries and provide better photos of interesting streets and points of destination and tourism.

Obviously, the Galaxy S4 is a very popular handset with the Android crowd, so if you're curios to find out more details about the handset, check out our Galaxy S4 review (video available above).

Google Maps Blog



The unofficial Google Operating System blog recently discovered the new feature mentioned in a series of code. Google Now is currently only available on Android smartphones and tablets running version 4.1 or later, and is rumored to be heading to iOS and Chrome in the near future.

"Get started with Google Now. Just the right information at just the right time." That's how Google introduces the new feature. "Google Now uses your Home location to show relevant information like weather, traffic conditions, and nearby places," explains Google. You can edit the home location, work location and the current location. Another feature lets you track your favorite stocks.


Google Glass has been finally distributed to the first users, known to the tech world as the "Explorers" and naturally, everyone raced to become the first to unbox and review the gadget.

The handsomely-priced device comes in a black Google Glass paper bag and a white box that very much looks like one that is used on the Nexus. Once you open the box, the Google Glass is neatly and safely cradled by indentations and included in the box are the device a 90-deg micro USB cable, pouch, nose pads, lenses and charger.

An interesting to note is how Google labeled the parts that also tell the user enough about the Google Glass for them to be able to turn it on, take photos, "Listen", "See", and "Touch". According to Dan McLaughlin, who owns one of the review videos, he thinks that the bone conduction system is much louder than the one he had tried on previously.

Some reviews showed the quality of videos that the Google Glass can record, while others have shown the content of the Google Glass box. Soon, Google will make the device available for the greater public and we're hoping for a first-person review of the Glass while it's on the wearer-if that's even possible.

Source: youtube

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