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Do you ever wonder how much Samsung paid for each Galaxy S 4 unit with its beefed up specs and possibly estimate how much it earns for each single S 4 sale? According to researchers at IHS who virtually estimated the S 4's hardware cost, the estimated amount that it took to build the S 4 increased significantly, compared to the Galaxy S 3.

For this reason, the S 4 costs slightly higher in the market than the S III was in its introduction. Some of the noticeable improvements made on the S 4 are the Full HD AMOLED display, memory, sensors for the display, and the Exynos Octa. This processor costs more than the Snapdragon 600, which is used in an S 4 variant, so cost per unit will also vary a little.

Furthermore, Samsung plans to sell 100 million units of its new device. One of the major reasons probably is to cover for the costs that it has spent on marketing the S 4, which could actually be bigger than it costs to make 100 million units.

Source: Forbes


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