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Samsung will soon release a firmware update to address some Galaxy S III's sudden failure motherboards, which some users complained the phones are unusable when that happens.


Samsung did not explain the exact cause of the sudden failure of the motherboards also referred to as' sudden death '. Just said that it's aware of the defect.


"The good news is It only happens to a very limited number of Galaxy S III models with 16GB memory," said spokeswoman Anne ter Braak. The cause lies in Samsung in a firmware bug, which 'can be easily solved by a firmware update.


Compared to the millions of Galaxy S3 handset sold, the number experiencing the issue is minuscule, likely not enough to cause Samsung to revamp their hardware build. But if you have experienced a similar issue, know you are not alone. So let's not everyone freak out. The world isn't ending and your Galaxy S3 will be just fine.


An exact schedule for the update is not available yet, but according to Ter Braak will be rolled out as soon as possible.





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