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Most reviews about Samsung's AMOLED display criticize it for its overly saturated colors and makes white displays bluish or greenish. With the Galaxy S 4, Samsung will probably fix these "issues" and make people really appreciate AMOLED displays.

Raymond Soneira, a display expert compared the S 3 to the iPhone 5 and concluded that the AMOLED was indeed oversaturated and does not display true colors. Also, he noticed that Samsung's AMOLED was poorly calibrated but with the right technology, oversaturation could have been prevented. Furthermore, he explained that the OLED is actually easier to calibrate than LCD.

From Samsung's description:

"Optimized display settings that fit you - Give your eyes a rest and let the Samsung GALAXY S4 adjust your view. With 7 automatic modes and 4 manual modes, the Samsung GALAXY S4 provides the optimal viewing experience. See your favorite videos, games, books and emails displayed with amazing color quality. Get the perfect and optimized view with the Samsung GALAXY S4."

For this reason, the Korean giant sets out to create the Adapt Display to solve calibration issues and fitted the technology on the Galaxy S 4. This feature will enable the S 4 to adapt to reading conditions and allow the display to self-adjust. Also, users can manually correct the display saturation and setting, so it will be easier on their eyes. With this feature, people will now be able to appreciate AMOLEDs better. We wonder if this technology will be applied on their OLED TVs as well.

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