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The Galaxy Note 3 is presently available on the market for anybody has an interest in, however the Rumor mill has already been getting busy on the next Samsung flagship. Based On ETNEws The new sony and Samsung LSI are preparing themselves for any putting in a bid war being the primary supplier from the camera, which based on sources will have a 16 Mega pixel sensor.  It's likely to be put into the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung LSI has that ISOCELL technology allow it an advantage in addition to optical image stabilization, but that is only accessible inside a 13 Mega pixel module for the time being. Additionally, there are the truth that Samsung LSI belongs to Samsung itself therefore it has better connections round the Mobile division.

Next come some gossips concerning the specs from the Samsung Galaxy S5 from Joseilbo. They're very positive and, you might argue, slightly impractical. First in regards to the CPU, that is stated to become 64-bit octa-core Exynos. We have learned about this chipset before and it is stated to become a 14nm Exynos 6. 4 GB of RAM can also be pointed out, however that sounds a lot more like a wishlist than actual insider information.

We have heard the next Galaxy S line up will even have the ability to withstand water and mud which it'll have eye-checking tech. Can be if the introduction of individuals will really finish promptly so that they reach the Galaxy S5, though.  We looking forward to Samsung announcing it at the MWC next February.



Nokia files to get several Samsung products banned from being sold, surprisingly, in aid of Apple. According to the report, it is the only outsider to back Apple's claims of injunctions on some Samsung products that have infringed their intellectual property rights. It can be noted that Samsung and Apple have been involved in a very bitter case concerning patent infringement.

Apple seeks to have some of Samsung products that were found to violate their patents from getting sold in the US but their appeal was not honored in the District Court. As a result, they are taking it to the Court of Appeals. Nokia has asked to be given more time to submit their statement and Nokia argued that a District Judge was wrong to rule against Apple's request for injunction.

It can be recalled that not long ago, the Finnish giant has also filed legal proceedings against the iPhone maker and Apple was said to have settled out of court.

These two companies will take on the currently number one manufacturer in the US Court of Appeals and the case will be heard later this year.

Link: Reuters


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