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Samsung's Smart Rotate feature, which uses the front-facing camera to see which way your face is pointing and adjusts the screen accordingly.  There's an app in the Google Play Store called "GMD Smart Rotate" can do exactly that.

Here are list of the features of this application

  • - Use front facing camera to evaluate your face position and decide if device screen needs to be rotated.
  • - Automatically keep screen turned on while you are looking at it (Full version only).
  • - Lock rotation in landscape or portrait.
  • - Force rotate applications that does not allow rotation by default.
  • - Set per application rotation preferences (Full version only).
  • - Easy rotation preference access by pressing default Android lock rotation toggle.
  • - Rotation preferences widget and launcher shortcuts.
  • - Integrates with GMD GestureControl and GMD SPen Control using shortcuts.

What's in this version (1.3)

  • - Fixed: camera detection on Galaxy S and other devices.
  • - Added Reverse Portrait and Reverse Landscape shortcuts.


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