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Several screen shots came out of SamMobile that "confirm" Smart Pause and Smart Scroll capabilities for the S IV. However, quite a few are suspicious about the screen shots with the way the items were written. For all we know, it could also be a poster with the S IV display screen used as a background. Some really observant individuals even noticed that some of the items had period (.), while some did not.

With only a week to go before S IV's formal launch, a lot has been coming out about the phone that needs careful judgment to ensure that the information is true. With all the gossip-mongers in the mobile industry, one can have a totally different set of information and believe them to be true-even if they are not.

The Galaxy S IV is indeed built with lots of refreshing and ground-breaking features such as those that allow the device to sense the movement of the user's eyes to Pause and/or Scroll. Really cool, but it will be way cooler if information will come directly from Samsung. Eight days left!

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