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The Galaxy Note 8.0 is touted to be the "biggest phablet" in the market and naturally, its accessories will mostly address its size and how to keep it safe from falling. The latest accessory to be introduced is the card dock, which helps you perch your phablet on the windshield.

While some like the new 8.0 accessory as it will help them with GPS navigation, possibly from an app from Google Play as well as hands-free calling, others don't like the idea that it will stare back at you while you are driving in all of its 8-inch glory. You will have to deal with that blind spot for as long as you want to keep your phablet perched on position.

Its glossy black finish is typical of other Samsung accessories, looks sleek and functional and the Galaxy Note 8.0 fits securely. It is sold separately and is a good addition to your stock accessories.

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A new AutoTether application by Inrete is now available for Android smartphones for Wi-Fi use in their cars. If you are an Android smartphone user, you can easily pair your Bluetooth-ready device to another and enjoy the internet. You will always be able to enjoy your favorite digital radio station anywhere you are and make use of GPS even if you do not have time to download maps and preload them into a device. You can also share this Wi-Fi to users who are with you while you travel.

This capability is perfect for those who have unlimited data plans and for those who travel with companions who easily get bored without internet. AutoTether is also best partnered with Inrete's Automatica, which is a car audio application. So put those Nexus 7 and Macbook Air to good use while you travel with the Android AutoTether and keep everyone happy in your car.

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