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No need to worry if you live in the US and are under contract with any of the carriers in the country because most or all of them will offer the Samsung Galaxy S 4 soon. The device is slated to hit the shelves late April and soon these carriers will already taking pre-orders. However, there is no pricing information available yet but many of them confirmed via Twitter or press releases that they will offer the device on their stores.

Various carriers have already posted about their excitement and possible perks that may be included in their S 4 package. T-Mobile even announces its partnership with Samsung and Sprint drops the hint on their Unlimited 4G LTE. Let's see if Sprints 4G LTE network can actually compare with the country's "fastest", the AT&T. With these confirmations, S 4 fans won't be able to sleep well until the time comes.


Samsung announces that their flagship smartphone will be available in seven mobile carriers in the US. AT&T, Cricket, C Spire, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon will all carry the popular smart phone and will undoubtedly register record sales for the device, seeing as it is really quite well-liked by many.

Most, if not all of these carriers offer the S 4 for at least $629 for a one-time cash out or a lower fee for a two-year contract with the carrier. Other retailers have also either announced or have leaked documents purporting that they will start selling the S 4 tentatively on the 26th.

Furthermore, Samsung also released official information that the US version will get the Snapdragon chipset. The Galaxy S 4 enjoys unprecedented popularity ever since rumors have started coming out about its launch. We are now just patiently waiting for the HTC One's arrival to see if it will have a relatively significant share of the smartphone pie as well and if it can really hold a candle against the Galaxy S 4.

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