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In a final bid to redeem itself, HTC is now "challenging" Apple and Samsung and taking a different approach in the marketing of its smart devices. If any, HTC is one of the leading innovators in the smartphone industry and has produced sleek and, well, brilliant (no pun) devices over the years. However, it slowly slipped away in market share and along with it, its ability to create and introduce excellent products.

The introduction of its 2013 flagship device, HTC One, has suffered a minor set-back and will only be produced in minimal number of units in the hundred thousands, compared to Samsung's Galaxy S 4, which is said to be produced in hundred millions of units. Despite this, HTC remains upbeat and is even challenging the leaders. It is said to be putting aside ‘Quietly Brilliant' in place of a more proactive stance in their fight to redeem their formerly avant garde company. I am one of those that are hoping that it bounces back to improve its market share.

HTC's Global President of Sales, Jason Mackenzie, speaking recently with Fierce Wireless advised:

We're changing the culture within HTC. Our culture has always embraced this "quietly brilliant" mentality, which meant the good things about being humble. But we've been too quiet. We're embracing that we need to be a challenger. HTC is a company fighting against two of the biggest companies in the world, Apple and Samsung, who have a lot of resources. So we're embracing that.

Source: Fierce Wireless


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