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So far, a week before the Mobile World Congress, Samsung has separately announced 5 new gadgets. Most of these are mobile phones and the fifth one is a camera that does not have a SIM card slot and 3G connection but has Wi-Fi, which makes it a lot less expensive-perfect for bloggers and tech reporters.

Although a Samsung camera sounds interesting, tech enthusiasts aren't really buying it because it's a fairly new gadget from Samsung and hiccups and fixes are sure to make up most of its time. Experts are even betting on a Galaxy Camera II a few months after it will be released.

One thing is for sure, many enthusiasts are giddy at what else could come out of Samsung's sleeves before the Mobile World Congress-could it be another tablet or an entirely new smart phone that has avoided the eyes of speculators? Along with other providers, this year will surely be another exciting MWC.


Source: Samsung Press Release




The Samsung Galaxy S 4 was officially and successfully introduced last March 14th and vendors are gradually informing potential buyers of the price for the device. The S 4 won't hit the stores in Europe until April 26th, although there may be other online mobile vendors who could already be selling the new device earlier than the said date.

In Germany, the handset can be had for €649, a little more affordable than Apple's iPhone 5, which is priced at €679. On the other hand, the S 4 will sell for €699 in Italy, and is due to arrive on the first week of May. It will possibly be cheaper in other places in Europe. The 32- and 64 GB variants will be slightly more expensive than these prices mentioned.

Most carriers and mobile phone vendors have already accepted people who want to pre-register and get listed to be one of the firsts to get their S 4.

source: unwiredview


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