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In a bid to prevent potential subscribers from turning to other carriers, Telus recently offered $50 to those who have pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S 4 from them to compensate for the delay in the shipment of the phones. The company is now offering double that amount if buyers who pre-ordered would agree to have their Galaxy S 4 on May 10th-two weeks later than what they really expected.

A notification was sent via email to inform pre-order clients that the Galaxy S 4 shipment will be delayed because of restricted supply. The $100 will be given directly on your credit, when you activate your device. On the other hand, those who have agreed to wait for the device for $50 will automatically receive $100 credit.

Other carriers have also reported that their Galaxy S 4 supplies have already sold out. It seems that the S 4 is indeed on its way to fulfilling its 100M shipped units this year.


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