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Beginning Nov. 10, AT&T customers that have a Samsung Captivate Glide can update their phone to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Android 4.0 simplifies common actions and includes a new typeface optimized for high-resolution screens to boost readability.

The many new features range from the new browser with improved page loading, tabbed browsing, offline reading and desktop mode. There are new lock/unlock features like the ability to unlock right to the camera, texting, phone dialer, or home screen, or you can use Face Unlock which lets you unlock your screen using facial recognition technology.

You can easily swipe away notifications with all the new notifications bar and multitasking is a lot easier with the new Recent Apps Shortcut that allows you to switch between apps quickly. There's even a setting to aid your track important computer data usage.

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It appears as though Samsung would like you to employ that so it formally makes itself. Following the region lock which has troubled customers simply because Samsung really wants to place a lid on gray imports, a study from the Korean media indicates that the organization may be searching at enforcing using official Samsung add-ons next. This can apparently be achieved by using an ID nick, which is baked into add-ons (battery chargers, battery packs, as well as covers) and accustomed to authorize that they're official before they work.

Now, if the indeed happens, it brings along both pros and cons. Just in case of advantages, this could be sure that the frequency of accidents for example batteries catching fire and harmful the unitOrhome - which will be the consequence of third-party batteries getting used - could be reduced. However, the switch side of the that you simply won't have the ability to use add-ons not approved by Samsung, departing only Samsung's official add-ons because the option, which may be bad considering how pricey individuals situations are.

Obviously, Samsung will still allow third-party accessory makers to obtain certification to be used using the company's products, however it could hurt consumer choice, especially when it comes to cost. Right now it's a rumor, however with Samsung's recent antics, we wouldn't be amazed if the happens it will require in the goal to create things harder for customers.



Beginning today, AT&T customers can update their Pantech Burst and Element to Android 4.0 (Frozen treats Sandwich).


Android 4.0 makes your devices easier to use and more powerful than ever before. The many new features of the update include a new browser with improved page loading, tabbed browsing, offline reading and desktop mode. The brand new lock screen provides shortcuts towards the camera, text messaging, phone dialer and residential screen. You can also create desltop folders just by dragging one app icon onto another, and swipe away notifications bar.


Using this update, Pantech Element customers will have resizable widgets and an updated Setup Wizard with an increase of training information. Android 4.0 provides support for Burst users with Native Sync for AT&T Address Book, along with expanded camera options such as Self-Mode and Panorama Capture. Also featured will be the new Recent Apps button, which lets users move from one task to another using the list inside the System Bar.


You can download the update by visiting (for Element) (for Burst)



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