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Most smartphones lack the flashlight feature that we've all grown to love. Sometimes, it is even one of the features that lead people to keep their old GSM phones. Unfortunately, smartphones and tablets are ineffective sources of light when you need them the most and this is why you need to install an application to turn a smartphone into a torch, so you can see clearly using it.

DashClock is an example of an application that will allow you to flash your device for use when it's dark. Once you have downloaded it, you will find the toggle directly on your lockscreen and all you need to do is to hit it on or off. However, it cannot be used without unlocking your device first, which is just fair, or else you'll risk draining your battery. This widget is free to download.


What's in this Version 1.3:

  • * NEW: Simple stand-alone on/off widget
  • + Can be used on home screen or lock screen
  • + Can be used with or without the DashClock extension
  • + DashLight settings within DashClock do not apply to the widget

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The DashClock Widget is one of the most useful, customizable and along with its various functions, there have also been a lot of extensions from various developers, which makes it even more functional and interesting.

Also, Roman Nurik, developer for this useful application, has taken to Google + to show what the Daydream support can actually do. The DashClock Widget is a lock screen widget that many people found quite useful since it combines all the other important widgets that you need to give your device extra functionalities.

Among its improvements are better translation, date localization is more accurate, improved weather due to Wunderground API, improved API and Daydream.

Daydream allows your phone to display whatever you choose when it is on idle mode such as information that you might find useful, while you are not using your phone such as battery life remaining, photos, weather, etc. More and more developers are using daydream to extend a device's functionality, even when you are not actually using it.

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