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Could every leak that is "reported" be just a marketing ploy meant to stir market interest? Recently, information was intentionally leaked that March 27 will be a big day for T-Mo. According to the report, on that day, it will release the Samsung Galaxy SII LTE Exhibit and the Blackberry Z10 as well as the T-Mobile mobile hotspot that also supports LTE. 

Samsung Galaxy S III Exhibit is a faster version of its predecessor and it also features 4G capability and a better memory. Expect it to be released, possibly on the 27th or the following week. Nonetheless, fans of T-Mobile will surely be happy to hear that their carrier will support LTE-enabled devices and it will not happen in the FAR future.

There is also some talk about an iPhone launching on the last week of March but no additional information is available to support the speculations. Fans must further wait with bated breath...

To summarize, March 27th will be a big day for T-Mobile for phone releases

  • T-Mobile Sonic 2.0 Mobile HotSpot LTE - March 27th
  • Samsung T599 Galaxy Exhibit "Codina" Prepaid Pebble Gray - March 27th
  • Samsung T999L Galaxy S III LTE - March 27th or April 3rd
  • Samsung T599 Galaxy Exhibit "Codina" Postpaid - March 27th
  • BlackBerry Z10 - March 27th

Source: Tmonews


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