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If there ever was a time for HTC to be extremely timely with their products, now is it. But with the delay in shipment caused by issues with production, they are losing precious time in creating interest into HTC One because unless you have plenty of money to spend on marketing, you won't be able to capture people's attention without a unit.

Adding to the insult is that this might be HTC's last chance to save itself from the effects of bad internal decisions. With the sleek aluminum design of the HTC One, it is very hard not to like. Also, personally, HTC has created pretty good smartphones from the Nexus to the HD 2. However, they were not able to sustain it and it reflected on various aspects of their business.

If the HTC One does not get shipped this month and that the Company does not do all it can to come up with deadlines, then their flagship devices would have to deal with more scene stealers from Sony, Motorola, LG and even Apple, at worst, it could mean the demise for the formerly innovative company.

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HTC might really have a legitimate reason to announce that pre-orders for the HTC One have exceeded their expectations and that more people in US have pre-registered for info and to purchase their flagship smartphone.

If anything, HTC truly needs plenty of similar news and encouragement since they have suffered a lot of set-backs last year and this year is no exception. The company is in a tough predicament following the delay of shipment and launch of its HTC One in various key markets. Because of this, it may have to launch very close to the Samsung Galaxy S 4's, which is quite a competition to beat.

Another likely rival is Sony's waterproof Xperia Z, which has been aggressively marketing its newest smartphone over Europe and Asia. Because of the delay in the production of components, the company will only be able to ship less than 300,000 units, which can easily push away potential HTC One clients who are not willing to wait too long.


The new target date of release in UK for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is moved to April 27th, a day after the intended launch. Those who are quite excited about getting their S 4 will have to wait for a little bit. According to The Inquirer, personnel from the Samsung Stratford Westfield store told them about the news. No details were given about the reason for the delay but the Stratford Westfield store is where Samsung devices are typically sold first.

The Galaxy S 4 was recently introduced in March and it broke records with the number of people who have pre-registered for the smartphone. It features a quad-core Exynos or Snapdragon processor and a 2GB RAM. In the UK, most carriers will sell the Galaxy S 4 but only EE will sell the LTE-enabled version. It will come in black and white and will compete with the HTC One and the iPhone. It will also feature plenty of innovative capabilities that you will find pretty useful.

Galaxy S4 features Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, a 5 inch Super AMOLED display (1920 x 1080 pixels), Smart Scroll, S Translator, NFC, 13MP rear camera with Dual Shot and LED flash, 2GB of RAM, 2,600 mAh battery, and MicroSD card support (up to 64GB).

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