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People are really rooting for the Samsung S IV to be the best smartphone to come out this year and rightfully so. It seems that Samsung has already perfected their formula for making hit devices like the Galaxy Note and Note II. However, companies like HTC and Apple, never fail to spoil the fun. For example, currently, the iPhone series is still the most popular smartphone in the US.

The S series is responsible for Samsung's rapid increase in Android users share. And Samsung has earned the loyalty of these consumers despite many complaints of the S III's plastic-y feel. The company has already reached a high level of popularity, even surpassing its main rival, Apple. People now commonly have two choices. Should I go with iPhone or Samsung? All of a sudden LG or HTC seem to be far options even though devices like HTC One or the Optimus G Pro could compete with these devices.

The success of the previous S series along with Samsung's huge slice of the Android pie can almost ascertain that the S IV will be the best selling S series phone this year.


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